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Will Forte

Under hot 'SNL' lights, Phelps plays it cool

NEW YORK - It's very late at 30 Rockefeller Center, where it's been dark for hours, the stores long closed. Yet tourists and determined sightseers crowd the entrance, slog into an impossibly long but ever-growing line or just huddle around, camera phones on standby.

A glimpse of Michael Phelps is all they want. With the Olympic champion hosting Saturday Night Live, such glimpses are the hottest of commodities, another Fifth Avenue luxury to covet.

Matt Schwartz and Kasey LaFlam, both 24 and from New York, are among the lucky, with spots toward the front of the line that might allow them to make it into the show. When Schwartz found out Phelps was the headliner, he knew he'd be...