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Toby Stephens

Review: 'Black Sails' is a pirate treasure

Review: 'Black Sails' is a pirate treasure

Something in us loves a pirate. Of all the world's brigands, the pirate is the most romantic, the one whose way of life represents a breezy alternative to our drudging own. What child does not know how many men sit on a dead man's chest?

They have been in the movies at least since D.W. Griffith's "The Pirate's Gold" in 1906, and you lately may have felt the franchise that is "Pirates of the Caribbean" brush your shoulder as it made its way through the marketplace. There has been the occasional TV movie, as well, but a full-fledged pirate series has been long in coming. And now we are going to have two of them, in short order.

The second of these, NBC's...