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The Newsroom (tv program)

'The Newsroom' recap, 'Contempt'

'The Newsroom' recap, 'Contempt'

We pick up right where we left off last week, with the ACN crew at the correspondents' dinner, still reeling from Will being subpoenaed.

Rebecca instructs Will not to give up his source, essentially daring the government to jail him. Will wants to employ that strategy, as he still believes that he's too big to jail, while Mac worries that he's wrong about that. Given that he's been wrong about this at every turn so far, I tend to side with Mac.

News of Will's hypocrisy over attending the dinner hits the web, including at Hallie's website, which draws Jim's ire. Mac pulls Don aside and tells him to get Neal's story ready to air by the deadline. Mac doesn't tell Don that she's...