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The Closer (tv program)

The 'Community' Emmy snub, a sad reality

The 'Community' Emmy snub, a sad reality

More than 24 hours have passed since the Emmy nominations, and there's one snub more egregious than the others. Before I get to it, here's where I point out my bias:

•••• I've never seen "The Closer" or "Sons of Anarchy."

•••• "The Walking Dead' deserved its three nominations — Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, Outstanding Visual Effects and Outstanding Sound Editing — and that's it. The idea that is was snubbed from acting (Ha!) and writing (Ha! Ha!) categories is ridiculous.

•••• I'm not a Gleek so Lea Michele's snub means nothing to me.

•••• I gave up on "True Blood" midway through last season, and...