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Survivor (tv program)

'Survivor' recap, 'Method to This Madness'

'Survivor' recap, 'Method to This Madness'

I swear this episode was brought to us by Bad Idea Jeans. On to the show ...

Back at Coyopa’s camp after last week’s Tribal Council, Josh explains to Baylor that he voted for her because he really wants to be in an alliance with her, but didn’t want the rest of the guys to know. That makes no sense. Didn’t you just, in fact, draw Baylor to their attention and prove that you have no problem with going against the rest of the group. Bad idea!

At Hunahpu (which is the most unnatural thing to spell. ever.) Jon and Drew are apparently both young, happy, and a little dumb. And apparently the dumb is contagious, because they’ve managed to lose their flint by not keeping track of it...