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'Top Chef' recap: '12 Chefs Walk Into a Bar'

'Top Chef' recap: '12 Chefs Walk Into a Bar'

Gregory is on a roll.

He’s won two challenges in a row and Katsuji jokingly says he going to hit Gregory in the face when he’s asleep. That’s not funny, and it makes no sense. Though I think Aaron would like to hit Katsuji in the face, asleep or not.  

Aaron thinks Katsuji’s strategy is to wage a “mental war” on the other chefs. If by “mental war” he means to annoy everyone into quitting then Aaron’s probably right. And why the hell is Katsuji popping the collar of his polo shirt and wearing sunglasses on his head when he’s inside? Oh right. He’s from Beverly Hills. 

Maybe it’s working. Because Kerriann is in tears and ready to go home. After being called out...