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Portia de Rossi

'Scandal' recap, 'Inside the Bubble'

'Scandal' recap, 'Inside the Bubble'

Fitz is still pushing gun reform and the Republicans are not happy. While dropping her daughter off at school, RNC Chairwoman Lizzie Bear is cornered by a disgruntled gun lobbyist who is upset that David Rosen is set to defend gun legislation that Fitz (the Republican president who was elected with financial support from gun lobby groups) pushed through. Liz assures him she’ll be lighting a fire under Judge Sparks in about an hour. (Side note: Am I the only one who loves Portia de Rossi’s haircut? It’s perfect for this role.)

If that plan doesn’t go through, there is always Michael. Cyrus runs into him at a restaurant and doesn’t hesitate to insinuate that he’s a stalker. Michael...