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Jersey Shore (tv program)

'Jersey Shore' recap, The Situation's big secret

'Jersey Shore' recap, The Situation's big secret

This episode was full of ups and downs, but was a great one overall. Again, I’m not sure if they’ve actually been that good, or if I’m just slowly getting nostalgic because "Jersey Shore" is coming to an end. Either way, the second to last episode ever did not disappoint.

The Cliff Notes version: We find out Mike was a stripper in college. Paula and Mike fight, makeup and he still leaves with a random. Pauly D finally gets it in and the whole house gets an ear-full. Snooki and Deena hold meatball auditions. Sam and Ron talk about taking the next step. The crew has a blast at Merge and Deena gets wasted and falls over. Mike puts on a strip show for the...