Columbia native, CA employee makes 'Jeopardy!'

Columbia native, CA employee makes 'Jeopardy!'

When Columbia native David Greisman took the "Jeopardy!" online test in 2010, the first step in a lengthy process to become a contestant on the popular game show, he recalls it did not go so well.

"I was humbled by the experience," said the 32-year-old Columbia Association employee, who now resides in Washington.

The daunting 50-question test, which allows you only 15 seconds to answer each question, discouraged Greisman for a few years. Earlier this year, Greisman, who also moonlights as a freelance journalist and boxing writer, got off the mat and tried again.

And he's sure glad he didn't throw in the towel.

On Thanksgiving, Nov. 27,...