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'Glee' recap: 100th Episode, Part 1

'Glee' recap: 100th Episode, Part 1

"Glee" brought back a bunch of awesome old faces for the first part of its two-part special.

The episode starts by pitting two of its most successful grads, Rachel and Mercedes, against each other. One is a future Broadway starlet; the other, a successful singer/songwriter.

As they sashay down the halls of McKinley we’re treated to their thoughts as one clearly states she's better than the other. Once in the choir room, Mr. Schuester expresses his sincerest happiness that Puck (1.0), Mercedes, Brittany S. Pierce, the New York Crew and Quinn are all back to say goodbye to New Directions.

Mr. Schue tells everyone that their final project as a group will be...