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"Bachelor' recap, Crazy Tierra and two-on-one time

'Bachelor' recap, Crazy Tierra and two-on-one time

What a night!

"Nights like tonight, I'm not sure my wife is in there," Sean said.

Me either, Sean! On tonight, part one of "The Bachelor's" special two-day event, Tierra and the drama surrounding her reigned supreme.

We head to Montana, for what hailed to be an awesome day for Sean and the remaining 11 ladies vying for a ring. Three dates tonight, a group date, a one-on-one and the infamous two-on-one.

As all of the ladies prepare to rough it outdoors, the first date card arrives. First up the one-on-one date and Lindsey is our lucky lady.

Sean and Lindsey board a helicopter and take off for their intimate, one-on-one time together. They...