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Farewell, 'Mad Men,' Letterman — and boomers

Farewell, 'Mad Men,' Letterman — and boomers

With momentous finales this week — "Mad Men" ending and David Letterman retiring — we will see the end of two landmark TV franchises.

We will also witness two of the last great vestiges of baby-boomer culture leaving the main stage of American life. Say goodbye to the Me Generation and all its generational chauvinism, its no-decade-was-greater-than-the-'60s attitude. As far as TV and all the little screens that now surround it are concerned, no one much cares anymore how Ed Sullivan or the Beatles or "The Flying Nun" shaped the lives of these postwar children — or didn't.

Born in 1947, Letterman has long been the guys' comedian for that generation — for...