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Shea Whigham

'Boardwalk Empire' finale recap, 'Margate Sands'

'Boardwalk Empire' finale recap, 'Margate Sands'

"Everyone dies. Not everyone keeps their promises."

The finale of "Boardwalk Empire's" third season provided more closure than excitement, capping off what has certainly been one of the worst years in Nucky Thompson's life.

After last week set the table for the inevitable war between the two factions, we are caught up with a montage of the conflict between Rosetti's gang and the tenuous Chalky-Capone-Nucky Alliance.

While Rosetti claims to be winning his invasion (just shy of hanging a "mission accomplished" banner up at Gillian's), morale is testy in both camps. The New York crew is drinking and boffing the cathouse dry,...