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'Top Chef: Texas' recap: Episode 2, 'The Heat Is On'

'Top Chef: Texas' recap: Episode 2, 'The Heat Is On'

Rule No. 1 of this season of “Top Chef”: The Alamo must be shown at the beginning of every episode lest you forget they are in Texas. Lucky for us we got to see it twice!

We're still trying to narrow down the initial field to the Top 16. We pick up with the four bubble chefs, Ed, Molly, Grayson and Janine, still chilling in the stew room, since this is essentially the second part of the premiere episode. They have been in the stew room for probably four to six hours by this point. Usually in the stew room the chefs get boozy -- you see them drinking bottles of beer and sipping on wine from red solo cups while the judges deliberate. But these poor chefs have to cook again and must...