Paddy Considine

A many-splintered thing in 'My Summer of Love'

Watching My Summer of Love, a mood-swinging idyll set in West Yorkshire, England, you may laugh out loud when Tamsin, the dark upper-crust beauty who enthralls working-class gal Mona, tells her she would like Nietzsche, and then quickly adds Freud. The writer-director, Pawel Pawlikowski, displays a good ear for the intellectual name-dropping common in early adulthood; he also boasts a precise sense of rank-pulling in relationships. You hope that he won't leave satire far behind - but he does.

The tale of how Tamsin (Emily Blunt) and Mona (Natalie Press) begin a lesbian relationship that means vastly different things to each of them is like a finely wrought cameo mounted on an...