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'Sleepy Hollow' recap: Thomas Jefferson is 'What Lies Beneath'

'Sleepy Hollow' recap: Thomas Jefferson is 'What Lies Beneath'

No pressure or anything, “Sleepy Hollow” show runners, but the fate of this wacky genre-bending series may depend largely on what happens in these next few weeks.

The supernatural sci-fi buddy cop drama, after a compellingly oddball, anything-goes premiere season, has been suffering through a sophomore slump. Its ratings have dipped — from an average of 7.5 million total viewers an episode in Season 1 to the current 4.7 million — and its cult-favorite status has cooled. It didn’t get the early renewal that the network gave a number of its other dramas.

Fox executives promised a slightly lighter, more freewheeling, less serialized “Sleepy Hollow” going forward when they...