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Colors and aromas of spring at Daffodil Day [Mostly Main Street]

At long last it seems safe to revel in daffodils, tulips and crocuses. The day after our last surprise snow fall at the end of March, I was delighted to see crocuses blooming where just the day before there was a pile of snow.

If, like me, you are anxious to enjoy the riot of floral colors (no more old gray snow here), the perfume of fresh flowers (not gas fumes from the snow blower) and the sounds of robins and spring peepers instead of the grind of the snow plow, you need to pay a visit to the seventh annual Daffodil Day at Whipps Cemetery on Saturday, April 12.

The cemetery, at 3651 St. Johns Lane, is Ellicott City's only public historic garden park cemetery run entirely by...