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Liz Phair

Liz Phair picks a fight

Liz Phair picks a fight

Liz Phair is a sellout.

And a copycat, and a Sheryl Crow and an Avril Lavigne, but most of all, a former hero. So says the naggy, invisible Greek chorus of former and current fans, purists, naysayers, and kneejerk critics who greet every record she's put out since "Exile in Guyville," her seminal 1993 album.

The reaction was just as strong when she released "Funstyle" last year, an album that — after she described it as "experimental" — was practically begging to be torn to shreds by critics. The Village Voice named one of its tracks among the worst of the year.

As if she cares. Though Phair said she's bothered by the harsh response, she...