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Cab Calloway

Keswick using music to treat dementia, Alzheimer's

Keswick using music to treat dementia, Alzheimer's

Linda Kellar seemed too young for dementia, the slow-forming disease that erodes the memories of people usually much older than the then-54-year-old housewife.

But in 2009 that's what doctors found to be the cause of Kellar's severe agitation, memory loss, sleepless nights, babbling and hallucinations.

Kellar now spends her days at Keswick Multi-Care Center under constant care because of the disease, which has progressed steadily since the diagnosis. Her husband, Arnold, knows that dementia will eventually take his wife's life. His only hope is to make her last years as comfortable as possible.

That's why Kellar is found sometimes pacing her room wearing headphones,...