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The Little Mermaid (movie)

'Dancing with the Stars' recap, all-Disney, all-the-time

'Dancing with the Stars' recap, all-Disney, all-the-time

Ugh. Disney songs and Donny Osmond. This is not going to be my favorite night. They've given the show the traditional Disney opening, with a mirror ball behind Cinderella's castle. The pros start the night with a medley of Disney songs. Donny Osmond is introduced as guest judge.

Charlie and Sharna are safe, then Drew and Cheryl get their good news.

Drew Carey & Cheryl Burke, Quickstep

From "Aladdin," "Friend Like Me"

Drew and Cheryl are glad to be back together this week. Drew keeps a faster pace than I might've expected. At one point, he and Cheryl are dancing fairly far apart and I'm trying to figure out why, when all of a...