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'Amazing Race' recap, Crazy challenges in Christchurch

'Amazing Race' recap, Crazy challenges in Christchurch

You guys know Phil Keoghan is from Christchurch, New Zealand, right? Well, this week's episode takes place in his hometown, and no one is more excited about it than him.

The tasks are all Things People Do in New Zealand Because They're Outnumbered by Sheep. Phil's friends are handing out clues. His tweets are hilarious. Let's jump right in to this hour of Phil.

But first, business. Remember Father/Son racing to the Pit Stop last week, and Father cried out that he ruptured his Achilles? The most scenic, romantic island in Bali doesn't have a hospital to give him a sonogram, but when they stop in Tahiti he gets it examined. There's a tear in his tendon and muscle, so Father...