Moneyball (movie)

Dan Duquette says his Montreal Expos were 'Moneyball 1'

Dan Duquette says his Montreal Expos were 'Moneyball 1'

OAKLAND, Calif. — Before Michael Lewis' book "Moneyball" hit the best sellers list and before Brad Pitt brought Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane to the big screen in the Academy Award-nominated film of the same name, the concept of building a small-market club through shrewd acquisitions, farm system strengthening and an obsession with on-base percentage had already been featured north of the border.

Arguably, the first incarnation of the Moneyball concept occurred in Montreal in the early 1990s. The lead back then was played by Dan Duquette, now the Orioles' executive vice president of baseball operations.

"We were Moneyball 1," laughed Duquette,...