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'Top Chef' recap, 'Boston's Bravest and Finest'

'Top Chef' recap, 'Boston's Bravest and Finest'

All eyes are on Mei Lin.

She whooped everyone and won the first elimination challenge last week with a bowl of rice porridge. Rice porridge, people!

In the stew room over empty bottles of beer and wine, one of the brunette cheftestants felt the need to raise her glass to toast Mei Lin. The rest of the chefs muster weak and insincere applause.

I don’t blame them. It’s a big deal to win the first elimination challenge. In 11 seasons of “Top Chef,” eight of the chefs who won the first challenge have gone on to either winning the whole thing or came in as runner up. 

So yeah, I wouldn’t be cheering too hard either.

Afterwards comes the gratuitous...