All Quiet on the Western Front (movie)

The war within, explored in 'Omar,' 'Canopy' and 'Break Loose'

The war within, explored in 'Omar,' 'Canopy' and 'Break Loose'

— The state of war is also a state of mind, terrifying even the bravest as it changes and challenges them.

This is what we are seeing reflected on movie screens. The stories of foot soldiers are shifting, becoming more intimate, more stripped to the bone, more concerned with the ripple effect of war's violence.

At the Toronto Film Festival, war is the subject of several films. But three films in particular, two making their world premieres at the festival, provide insight into war's impact on its fighters.

Unlike "Patton" or "The Longest Day," there are no great campaigns filling the screen with men and machinery. Nor are there bloodily dirty assaults...