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Megan Mullally

'Happy Endings' recap: 'Meet the Parrots'

'Happy Endings' recap: 'Meet the Parrots'

One of my favorite aspects of our “gotta have it now!” society is how quickly TV shows come to DVD. Instead of waiting for some of your favorite episodes to make the rerun rounds or worse, try to catch it in the DVD cycle.

This fall, I'll be watching the DVD of the second season of “Happy Endings,” amazed at how fast 22 minutes can fly by and thinking “yep, I can watch another episode.” Yet there is bound to be an episode that will make me especially grateful for the DVD. So I can skip it. “Meet the Parrots,” would be this season’s on-to-the-next-one episode.

They can’t all be gems

The writers tried to overstuff a less-than-30-minute window with too much...