Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

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'Mad Men' Season 6 premiere recap, 'The Doorway'

'Mad Men' Season 6 premiere recap, 'The Doorway'

Did Don Draper cheat on Megan? You get an answer, but it is far from the point of the episode.

"The Doorway," the good-but-not-great, often poetic (but also often very slow moving) Season 6 premiere is not an exuberant return. The action is often very detailed, very muted, very dark. But after a not-the-best Season 5, it was wonderful to see "Mad Men" become a bit more nuanced with its characters and the themes it has often explored: the various types of masks people wear, if people are stuck in their lives or can change.

Co-creator/series mastermind Matthew Weiner wrote this two-hour premiere, which tried to balance four plot...