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Kristen Bell

'The Good Place' Season 2 premiere recap: Total reset

'The Good Place' Season 2 premiere recap: Total reset

Welcome back to “The Good Place”!

It’s actually The Bad Place!

Spoiler alert!

If you haven’t seen Season 1, go do it now, for the sake of your comedic well-being, or just read my nifty summary that slides seamlessly into the Season 2 premiere.

Eleanor Shellstrop (Kirsten Bell, perfect, as is her natural state) was a terrible person on earth, ruining the livelihoods of local dry cleaners, drunkenly crashing quinceneras, LITTERING. She waltzes through life indifferent to, if not resentful of, other people’s feelings, until one day when she is killed after being struck by a rogue line of shopping carts, pushed into oncoming traffic, and crushed by a mobile...