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'Entourage' recap: E and Sloan -- it's really complicated

'Entourage' recap: E and Sloan -- it's really complicated

They said it couldn't be done, but Doug Ellin and his crew finally did it. They put together an episode of "Entourage" with actual purpose and direction. Is it sad it took them until the penultimate episode of the entire series to do it? Probably, but at this point, we should take what we can get.

Let's get the least interesting storyline out of the way first: Vince is still smitten with the beautiful and intelligent journalist Sophia, and he had the vain idea of making a home video comprised of his ex-girlfriends talking about how great he is. In the end, it's the urging of Vince's best friends (which plays off the overall central theme to the show -- bonds between...