Harry Morgan

'Dexter' recap, 'Every Silver Lining ..."

'Dexter' recap, 'Every Silver Lining ...'

The episode begins with a twist, showing a taping of Harry Morgan talking to Dr. Vogel as his therapist. It displays in vivid color the beginning of Harry's understanding of what Dexter truly is -- and Dr. Vogel's hand in shaping his youth.

She helped create Harry's Code, but Dexter doesn't trust her just yet. I wouldn't either; if she wants to play with young psychopaths, then clearly she's got issues of her own.

Especially since her show-and-tell isn't just for fun; she wants Dexter to find someone. She received the missing brain from last episode's murder. For all those who haven't received body parts on your doorstep, this is usually a threat. A very creepy, personal...