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Hamish Linklater

HBO's 'Newsroom' returns in all its Aaron Sorkin righteousness

HBO's 'Newsroom' returns in all its Aaron Sorkin righteousness

For a while last year, I started to worry about liking Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” so much.

Most of my colleagues didn’t like it — not that being out of sync with the herd ever bothered me greatly. It usually turned out that I did better work outside the herd, the farther the better. And by the end of the season, some critics even started coming around on the HBO drama.

What worried me was being so in tune with Sorkin’s vision. I once did an interview with him in his office on the Warner Bros. lot when he was at the height of his “The West Wing” fame, and I thought he was a madman — brilliant, inspired, polite and even gracious to me during the conversation, but an...