Gary Busey

Erasing Bill Cosby with the speed of light

Erasing Bill Cosby with the speed of light

Ever since Bill Cosby was accused by one, then two, then four, then almost uncountable women of everything from unwelcome kissing to flat-out rape, the one reaction I can't quite figure is TV Land pulling "The Cosby Show" reruns from its air.

You'll recall "The Cosby Show" as America's most popular program for five straight years in the 1980s. It portrays a well-to-do African-American family dealing with folksy sitcom issues. Cosby is the funny, loving, often-perplexed father.

It was a show. Mr. Cosby was acting.

No different than Charlie Sheen acting in "Two and a Half Men." Mr. Sheen has been charged with all kinds...