Fred MacMurray

Calhoun Vs. Calipari A Show In Itself

Calhoun Vs. Calipari A Show In Itself

Coaches, players, Cinderellas, old New England turf rivals, they were all at a banquet to honor their Final Four achievement Thursday night when Jim Calhoun decided the time was ripe to play the "My Three Sons" card.

"I said, 'I feel like Fred MacMurray," Calhoun, 68, said. "With Shaka [Smart] being the brilliant and very smart, but cool fighter. Brad [Stevens] hasn't said the wrong word ever. I said, 'Brad, lighten up a bit. I screw up every two minutes. Would you screw up just once?'

"Then we have our problem older child …"

At this point, Uncle Charley, played by William Demarest, probably should have charged in to restore order,...