Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

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'True Blood' recap: Episode 9, 'Let's Get Out of Here'

'True Blood' recap: Episode 9, 'Let's Get Out of Here'

I'm not really one to question a Festival of Tolerance. It sounds nice. But perhaps the timing's not right when you're very much in midst of a murderous witch-vampire battle.

And the head witch has turned into a cult leader.

WORST FESTIVAL OF TOLERANCE EVER: Nan's Vampire League leadership never gets questioned. Maybe it should after this episode. Despite Bill's pleas, she's decided to go forward with the vague Festival of Tolerance. Even when silvered the day before in case Marntonia is up to her tricks.

Shocker -- she is! And now Eric is under her command, something Marntonia rabid acolyte Roy is loving. Her other minions? Not so much. "I only got...