Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

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'The Amazing Race' finale recap, 'Do You Believe in Magic'

'The Amazing Race' finale recap, 'Do You Believe in Magic'

Well, that was a pretty spectacular finale, wasn’t it?

The final episode of "The Amazing Race” All-Star season managed to solve the major problem of finale episodes. They’re often anti-climactic. Too often, one of the remaining teams – sometimes there are two teams at the end; this time there were three — builds up an insurmountable lead. And all the editing in the world can’t convince viewers otherwise.

For this finale, the “Amazing Race” made sure that there would be some drama, if not for the viewers, than at least for the eliminated teams that are gathered at the finish line. 

So, they created a final task – a sky-dive, performed in a special-effects suit...