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Chris Rock

Mo'Nique continues to call for a Netflix boycott

Mo'Nique continues to call for a Netflix boycott

Mo’Nique will not be silenced in her call for a Netflix boycott.

The Oscar-winning actress and Baltimore County native has found herself embroiled in controversy since she made claims that Netflix would not pay her as much for a stand-up special as it did for Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. She first made the call in January, but the issue was reignited during a spirited segment on “The View” on Friday.

Host Whoopi Goldberg began by asking if Mo’Nique’s issue was a result of Netflix paying Schumer $13 million and only offering Mo’Nique $500,000.

Mo’Nique responded that she called for the boycott of Netflix for “gender bias and color bias.”

She said:...