Charlotte Rampling

Dickens' morality tale lives up to its name; Preview: 'Great Expectations,' the classic about 19th century English social classes, resonates down through the years just fine thanks to a daring interpretation and terrific and terrifying performances.

The producers of Mobil Masterpiece Theatre say they took a "dark, deep psychological approach" to Dickens in their version of "Great Expectations," which starts tomorrow night on PBS.

And the moment Miss Havisham opens her mouth to tell young Pip, "I have sick fancies, Pip," you know you are sailing down Psycho River, heading straight for Freudian Falls, pulled by a narrative undertow impossible to resist. Nobody does "sick fancies" like the Brits.

This is Dickens you could drown in and love every wet and wild minute of it. I am not a great fan of Dickens, but I love this rich, daring, psychologically charged interpretation. Shot on film...