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Carrie Preston

'True Blood' recap: Season 5, Episode 2: 'Authority Always Wins'

'True Blood' recap: Season 5, Episode 2: 'Authority Always Wins'

Think Dick Cheney's thoughts on torture are extreme? Meet the Authority.

Meet them and be afraid. Very afraid. Because underneath the sheen of gentility, bureaucratic formalities and a really sweet reception area, the Authority is pretty vicious. 

Indeed, Nan Flanagan was murdered and they want to get the bottom of it. But seriously, silver pulsating through Bill and Eric's veins during interrogation? Whatever happened to we want to live with the humans peacefully? 

The bulk of the second episode of the season was set at the Vampire Authority headquarters in what appears to be an underground labyrinth of a warehouse (it's super dark). Bill, Eric and Nora are in...