Alexandra Paul

Former 'Baywatch' actress back for a swim

Former 'Baywatch' actress back for a swim

Alexandra Paul has starred in many TV shows and movies, but may best be known for her role as Lt. Stephanie Holden on "Baywatch." On June 23, she was back in the water -- one of the competitors at the 36th annual Swim Around Key West.

Certified as a real-life EMT and junior lifeguard before she even joined "Baywatch," she competed in the Ironman Triathlon in 1997 and swam 11 miles between Fiji islands in 2009.

As part of her training for the 12.5-mile race around Key West, she worked out six days a week, sometimes twice a day, and eats a high-protein vegan diet. But she cheats on it daily.

Q: Why did you decide to do Swim Around Key...