Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Alan Menken

'Newsies' delivers at the Hippodrome

'Newsies' delivers at the Hippodrome

Dings soitanly was rough for da boys who hadda sell papes on da streets o' New Yawk in 1899 to earn a pidaful livin'. No wonda dey wennon strike when da big publishas raised da cost da newsies had to pay for dem papes. Yudda done da same.

If you need a translation of those lines, just head to the Hippodrome for a refresher on New York-ese and a slice of newspaper history, both delivered heartily in the musical "Newsies."

The show, based on the 1992 Disney movie, closed on Broadway in August after a profitable couple of years and headed out on the road last month for a North American tour. The Baltimore leg of that tour opened Tuesday night before an audience that let...