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Florida Gulf Coast University

UMBC wasn't thinking about trademarks. It is now.

UMBC wasn't thinking about trademarks. It is now.

There were still four minutes left to play in UMBC’s momentous basketball victory over top-ranked Virginia when athletic director Tim Hall received a text from an attorney he knows well.

“It said, ‘Tim, are you aware you don’t have these trademarks?’ Hall recalled. “When you’re right in the throes of this and people are comparing you to the 1980 Olympic hockey team, you’re not thinking, ‘I wonder if my trademarks are in line?’ ”

But he is now. For Hall and the university, the text served as a timely reminder that they needed to protect the economic opportunities derived by becoming the first 16th-seeded team to defeat a No. 1 seed in the NCAA men’s basketball...