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'True Blood' Season 5 finale recap: 'Save Yourself'

'True Blood' Season 5 finale recap: 'Save Yourself'

Were you expecting Bill Compton to have a master plan? To be nice Bill all along and not some crazy vampire religious zealot?

It could have happened that way. But yeah, it didn't. The opposite happened.

When Eric and Sookie track him down in his Massive Master Authority Crazy Person Bedchamber, Bill has just staked Salome (I'd say R.I.P. to Salome, but it wouldn't mean it), having tricked her into drinking "Lilith's blood" that he has spiked with lots of silver.

Some major "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" stuff here (before she's staked, Salome even says "she chose wisely), but Bill has the real vial of blood. And he's...