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Douglas Druick

Degas' 'Little Dancer' is still on the point of controversy An exhibit at the BMA explores the famous tutu-clad sculpture, variously described as ancient and modern, an example of depravity or the epitome of a classical dancer; Art.

To some, she is a masterpiece, extraordinarily modern yet reminiscent of ancient statuary. To others, she is an example of depravity, of criminality, of the ills of society.

Perhaps never in the course of art history have so many seen so much in a single work of art. Even today debate continues, and to meet her is to know why.

She is, of course, Edgar Degas' sculpture called "Little Dancer Aged Fourteen," and the Baltimore Museum of Art currently has on view the first exhibit devoted to an exploration of the work. This show contains more than 60 works by Degas, including paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures. They all reflect the artist's fascination with...