Former San Marino, Burroughs softball Coach Nick Schepperle files stay-away order, disputes firing

Officially, the season ended for the San Marino High softball team on May 22 around 5:05 p.m. when the Rio Hondo League runner-up Titans allowed a run in the bottom of the eighth inning to host South El Monte in falling, 1-0, in the second round of the CIF Southern Section Division V playoffs.

Yet, maybe the most dramatic and oddest event took place after the season when recently displaced San Marino Coach Nick Schepperle successfully pressed for a stay-away order against Scott Edmonds, who is a team parent, San Marino Little League liaison and 21-year veteran of the San Marino police department.


According to court documents, the stay-away order was mutual, included a no-contact agreement and was filed by a court mediator.

The order was agreed upon on June 1, two weeks after Schepperle, who formerly resigned as head coach at Burbank Burroughs and Westridge School after one season at both schools, resigned at San Marino, by his account, or was fired, according to San Marino officials.


“I want to make something clear. I never was fired,” Schepperle said. “Look at the success we had this season. We went 18-8, beat some great teams and went to the playoffs.

“When I read in the paper that I was fired, I felt like I had to respond to clear my name. I made some mistakes, but I never did anything wrong and that’s what it looks like, like I did something inappropriate, which isn’t the case.”

Schepperle initially filed a temporary restraining order versus Edmonds on May 16, a day before the Titans defeated Lompoc Cabrillo, 6-3, in the Division V first round.

Edmonds was officially served on May 23 and the temporary restraining order expired June 1, when Schepperle could have asked for a permanent restraining order.

In paperwork filed at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Burbank, Schepperle wrote, “Every time I see Mr. Edmonds I an [sic] shaken and in fear for my safety and concerned for what he may do next.”

Schepperle’s motivation stemmed from an altercation with Edmonds on April 17.

In a letter to the court, Schepperle wrote that he “engaged” Edmonds after speaking with a few players and that, according to Schepperle, Edmonds questioned if he was “done playing grab ass” and “got in my face and started to yell” items such as “you’ll be sorry” and “you’ll never coach here again, I’ll see to it.”

Schepperle described the scene in his paperwork as “hostile” and wrote he tried to walk away from the situation “two different times” only to be blocked by Edmonds, who “cut me off both times, getting up in my face both times telling me that I’m not going any where [sic], and not letting me pass. At this time I started to become fearful for my safety.”


Court documents also included written accounts from assistant coaches Peter Paccone, Angela Parker and Elizabeth Cecconi.

Paccone wrote: “Less than two feet separated Edmond [sic] from Coach Nick as this was all being said. Sometimes, it seemed even closer than that.” Paccone said he heard comments such as “you’re an awful coach” and “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you’re not here next year.”

Paccone also wrote, “I did not observe any physical contact. I do not recall hearing any swearing and/or threats.”

Parker’s statement was only a paragraph, but read, “I witnessed Mr. Edmonds putting his finger in front of Nicks [sic] face as Nick was trying to avoid any sort of confrontation.”

Afterward, according to court documents, Edmonds continued to text Schepperle and threatened the first-year San Marino coach with a message “you will be sorry” should Schepperle cause any problems to Edmonds’ daughter, a member of the team.

Schepperle’s fate at San Marino was sealed almost exactly a month later when, on May 18, he walked off the practice field after a dispute with Paccone.


Schepperle originally filed a letter of resignation on May 10, two days after the team concluded its regular season and was preparing for the playoffs.

According to Schepperle, he stayed on after submitting his resignation because of a sense of loyalty and the fact that the temporary restraining order went into effect on May 16.

However, according to Athletic Director Andrew Gayl, Schepperle was fired May 18.

“I’m really not at liberty to say anything on the situation because this is a personnel issue,” Gayl said. “Nick was fired and that’s all I can say.”

San Marino first-year Principal Keith Derrick also said he was unable to comment on the situation “since it was a personnel issue” and also had no authority to speak about the temporary restraining order and stay-away order because they were “court issues.”

Edmonds said “that since no court order was in place,” he would not comment, only further adding, “the season is over.”