Answer to anti-Semitism is found in Islam

Mr. Dreier (“Pastor should apologize for remarks,” June 15) unfairly castigates the good pastor Griem for anti-Semitism. Unfortunately for Dreier, the rising tide of worldwide anti-Semtism can't be laid at the feet of Griem.

The ever-increasing hatred of the Jewish people rests upon several factors.

First, as our world increasingly rejects individualism and turns ever more collectivist, racism grows because racism is the primitive form of collectivism. Anti-Semitism is the oldest and most traditional form of racism so it easily resurfaces; but why, specifically, worldwide anti-Semitism? Certainly not because of a small religious cult in Montrose headed by Griem.

The answer lies in the ever-rising tide of Islam. Islam as such is not strictly a religion. It is a totalitarian ideology bent on imposing worldwide Sharia law. The Koran, available at any local bookstore, is read by few people outside of Islam. From nearly every page, the Koran commands believers to kill the infidel, kill the sodomite, kill the Jew and dominate women into complete submission. The evermore frequent terrorist attacks on westerners and Jews with the killers screaming “Allah Akbar” cannot be ignored. If we do, then our civilization is doomed.

So perhaps Dreier should turn his attention to a more promising target.


Ray Shelton

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