DJ Durkin didn't challenge last-minute end zone call against DJ Moore in Rutgers loss

Maryland coach DJ Durkin has sent in tape of a few calls he felt were missed by Big Ten officials this season. Some were made against the Terps, some were not whistled on the opposing team.

The one in the final minute of Saturday’s 31-24 loss at Rutgers when junior wide receiver DJ Moore appeared to be held in the end zone and no call was made isn’t one of them.

Not that Durkin didn’t think that Moore, who shares the conference lead in receptions with 59, didn’t have a piece of his jersey grabbed by cornerback Isaiah Wharton as he knocked the ball away.

“Clearly, there’s been replays, pictures of it, the guy has a handful of DJ’s jersey,” Durkin said during his weekly news conference Tuesday. “I didn’t turn it in. I just moved on from that. I don’t want to get an email back saying, ‘ Yes, you’re right.’ What do you do with that?”

Asked if it bothers Durkin that his star receiver can’t get what appears to be an obvious call, the second-year coach said, “When you put it in those terms, it bothers me some of the things that have come down.

“But I don’t know, DJ Moore’s a pretty darn good player. … I don’t know how that affects how you call a game or not. It certainly seems that way sometimes, but not in our case.”

This was the second time in three weeks that Moore was going for a reception at a key juncture in a game and no call was made.

Durkin had another reason why he didn’t challenge this no-call, one of a few that appeared to be pass interference or holding on Moore, who also leads Big Ten receivers with eight touchdown catches this year.

Three weeks ago against Northwestern, with the Terps trailing by 10 in the fourth quarter, Moore appeared to be pushed to the ground as he went up to make a catch before the ball arrived.

It was not because of the response the last time, when Big Ten officials told Durkin the day after a 37-21 loss to the Wildcats that they had blown that call and a miscalled late hit on a muffed punt by Northwestern.

It had to do more with how his own team had played throughout the game.

“At the end of the day, that call was obvious, but we shouldn’t have been in that spot, we really shouldn’t have,” said Durkin, whose team erased a 17-7 deficit to Rutgers with 17 straight points and should have gone up 28-17 when senior receiver Taivon Jacobs let an apparent touchdown pass go right through his arms.

“Maybe that’s where some of it comes from. I don’t think we played the game deserving to win. I really don’t, and that’s being honest,” Durkin added. “I think our team should and can and will perform at a higher level than that, and we probably wouldn’t even be in that spot to make it come to that."

Moore, who said he watched the play “about four times” has moved on as well.

“I just tried to make the play, they didn’t call the call and the game was over after that,” Moore said Tuesday.

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