Ravens players Torrey Smith and John Simon weigh in on Maryland-Ohio State

On Saturday, Ravens players Torrey Smith and John Simon will both be in Indianapolis, as the Ravens get ready for Sunday’s game against the Colts.

But while Smith and Simon take care of their own Ravens-related responsibilities, both will also be tracking what happens between Maryland and Ohio State on Saturday in College Park.

Smith starred at Maryland before being drafted in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft by the Ravens and still follows the team closely.

“I don’t know about the score, but I think we can beat them,” Smith said. “I think we will beat them. No one thinks they’ll be able to do it. I think they’ll be fine, though. They have the talent. It’s just about executing. Probably [quarterback C.J. Brown] playing well will be the biggest key.”

Simon, who is on the Ravens’ practice squad, has a different opinion. He was an All-Big Ten defensive at Ohio State before being taken in the fourth round of last year’s draft by the Ravens.

“I feel good about every game Ohio State is in,” Simon said. “They’ve got a nice team. I look forward to watching. Hopefully they’ll come out on top. I don’t do predictions. I’m just wishing them the best.”

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