Randy Edsall responds to Rob Ambrose's remark and criticism stemming from ACC comments

CHICAGO -- Maryland football coach Randy Edsall is aware of the attention he has gotten for his remark that the ACC is a "basketball conference."

He has also read the comments from Towson coach Rob Ambrose -- a former assistant of his at Connecticut -- stating that recruits “no longer want to go to Maryland. They want to go to Towson.”

But Edsall isn’t overly concerned with either situation as Maryland gets ready to begin preseason practice Aug. 4.

“All I want to do is do the best I can for our guys,” Edsall said Monday at Big Ten media days. “I just worry about what I think is best for us. I don’t worry about what other people think, what other people say to me. I don’t worry about that. I just worry about what I think is best for our program, for our kids, and I just try to conduct myself in a way that I’m going to promote Maryland and promote our kids and promote the game the best way I can.”

The comments about the ACC were made during a public speaking appearance for PressBox in Baltimore earlier this month.

At one point during the session, Edsall addressed Maryland’s move to the Big Ten by saying, “As a football coach, I feel better. I’m going to a football conference. I’m not in a basketball conference anymore.”

Edsall stayed away from that topic when discussing the conference switch Monday.

“I’ve been coaching for over 30 years,” he said Monday, “and I’ve been a part of four conferences now and [I'm] just passionate about what I see for us and what I see for our kids here in the Big Ten.”

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