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Maryland walk-on player was Army specialist in Afghanistan

Tehuti Miles, a running back-wide-receiver-defensive back who served as an Army specialist in Afghanistan, recently worked out at Maryland's walk-on football tryouts.

A New York Daily News profile in 2010 described Miles' service as a 19-year-old.

"Using binoculars, night-vision goggles and a thermal imaging scope that detects warm things like people and animals, Miles protected his tiny 26-man unit as they slept or played dominos," the article said.

The article quoted Miles talking about his feelings about the Taliban. 

"I wish we could drop more bombs," Miles said in the article. "We really don't like these people. They've really gotten to us."

Miles is likely to be a scout team player who won't play in games.

Maryland typically does not make players available to the media until they participate in a game, but the media will certainly make requests to interview Miles, who is from Hammonton, N.J.  

Miles, who wears No. 85, was found in the sort of walk-on tryout that the team periodically holds.

"He's kind of a skill guy -- running back, wide receiver, defensive back," Maryland coach Randy Edsall said. "He's been good -- he's helped us. He's a good kid. I talked to him on the field a little bit."

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