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Randy Edsall says Stefon Diggs needs to avoid outbursts

Maryland coach Randy Edsall said Sunday that freshman receiver-returner Stefon Diggs must learn to keep his emotions in check when the opposing team provokes him.

”He can’t go and do what he did there,” Edsall said, referring to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty assessed against Diggs during Maryland’s 33-13 loss to Georgia Tech on Saturday. Diggs appeared to toss the football at a Yellow Jackets player in the first half.

“He’s got to understand that there will be people that will try to get inside his head,” Edsall said. “You’ve got to turn and walk away.”

Diggs, who had two touchdown catches,  said after the game that he needs avoid “losing my cool a little bit.”

Diggs seems to feed off his emotion during games, so there is a balance here. Edsall doesn’t want to cool the player’s passion, but he said he doesn’t want Diggs to develop a reputation as someone who can be goaded into a silly penalty.

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