Terps' offense shows improvement despite loss

No, there are no moral victories in college football. It’s a big-boy sport.

But if you’re a Terps fan and optimistic by nature, you saw some positive developments from Maryland today. I use the word “developments” because that’s what you need to look for with this young Maryland team.

*There was Perry Hills passing for 305 yards despite taking some savage hits. He was sacked five times.

*There was Stefon Diggs., who had has first 100-plus receiving day with 113 yards on three catches.

*There was Kenny Tate returning at linebacker and immediately making plays.

*There was the defense holding West Virginia to 25 net rushing yards.

*There was tight end Matt Furstenburg and receiver Kevin Dorsey – who each had three catches through the first three weeks – combining for seven catches as Hills spread the ball around better today.

We now have the bye week to digest Maryland’s young season.

Here in the meantime are some quick observations made during Saturday’s game.

Did you notice that…   

*Maryland’s coaches were color-coordinated with the team. Coach Randy Edsall and his assistants wore white pullovers matching the players’ new “white ops” uniforms.

*Maryland seemed to make an effort, particularly early in the game,  to get the ball more to  Furstenburg and Dorsey.

*Diggs actually landed in the field-goal practice netting after being pushed out of bounds in the first quarter.

*Diggs muffed his second punt of the season in the first quarter, but Maryland’s Justus Pickett recovered. Brandon Ross also fumbled in the second quarter, and the Terps again retained possession.

*Maryland linebacker Marcus Whitfield got a grip on quarterback Geno Smith’s helmet and pulled it completely off in the second quarter.

*Maryland used three tight ends at once on some plays, adding backup Ryan Schlothauer to the mix.

*West Virginia's punter, Corey Smith, was great early and finished with two kicks inside the 20.

*Maryland receiver Marcus Leak had a big drop on a third-down play with the Terps trailing, 24-14, in the third quarter. He also had five catches and a fumble.

*Backup quarterback Devin Burns gained 17 yards as a one-play fill in. Might we see him again for a play or two?

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